5 Key Points Of Endurance Training

Anyone who has just started endurance training will quickly be convinced of it. Because the successes are not long in coming. An impressive performance is achieved after just a few weeks. Consistent training leads to a significant improvement in overall body functions. Even if it is not used for a few weeks, such as for a vacation, the body remains fit.

  1. Keep eye on your training

Most people do endurance sports to maintain and improve their health. Others are concerned with burning calories, for example as part of a diet plan. For the sake of the bones and joints, a healthy dose should always be ensured. An overload caused by too well-intentioned training is difficult to compensate for. The consequence would be joint injuries or wear and tear, which can lead to chronic joint diseases.

  • Prepare a good training plan

So for a good endurance sport, you need a good training plan. This should and must be set up individually for everyone because people are different. Age, weight and health also play a role. Depending on the sport, a plan is drawn up that is tailored to the individual body functions. When jogging, for example, you should always keep an eye on your pulse. There are special heart rate monitors that calculate the load levels based on the maximum heart rate. The ultimate goal when jogging is not to be the first to get somewhere. Rather, it is about performing a quiet endurance run that stimulates the fat metabolism and trains the muscles and joints.

  • Maintain regularity

For endurance training to serve its purpose, it should be done at least three days a week. This quota can of course be increased later. It is favourable to plan another sport to maintain the fun of the sport and to organize it alternately. Endurance sports, such as jogging and walking, cycling and racing, swimming and inline skating, burn many calories and are therefore dangerous. Usually, this is where quick successes set in, which can, however, encourage exaggeration. Damage to joints and bones would be the result. The nature of the body itself is such that it can quickly adapt to changes. This means that the entire circulatory system is stimulated by increased movement. The organs and tissues are supplied with more blood, the fitness improves quickly.

  • Give your body recovery time

It works with the right strategy: everyone should keep in mind that it is easier to avoid an injury than to heal it afterwards. For this reason, a well-thought-out training plan is always useful. Even if you have the feeling that you can continue to train, it should be over when the plan dictates it. Pain is always a warning sign. We are not talking about normal muscle soreness, because this is completely normal. A little break will quickly cure this. The real danger lies in foot and joint pain. The sport should not be continued until these have subsided. If necessary, a doctor can determine possible damage that requires treatment. If there is an overload, Diet supplements can help promote healing.

  • Go for targeted training

Targeted endurance training can lead to increased fitness, offers an excellent balance to everyday work and has a positive effect on health. If you take the advice on your bones and joints into account, warm up before every workout and stick to your training plan, you are on the safe side. It is well known that variety never hurts and promotes fun.

Final words

To effectively build muscle and burn fat quickly in the desired places, the right training plan is not enough. Although the personally tailored combination of exercises, alternating training phases and rest breaks as well as consistent training are essential to get the body in the right shape, if the diet is not properly coordinated, all the hard training is in the worst case in vain.

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