Deepak Pawar: Fitness coach



  • India Team Climbing Coach and Route Setter
  • Maharashtra Sports Climbing Association’s Coach
  • Coach, Maharashtra Sports Climbing Association.
  • K11 certification

Born in Pune on 23rd September 1992, sports determined his life journey. Starting as a Karate and Kick Boxing champion from childhood, he has always been involved in Sports and Fitness. He won his last Silver medal for Kickboxing in 2017 before he took Climbing as a fulltime profession. Earlier, he was also a Karate Teacher for 9 years. His students are all National Climbing Champions namely Smita Gokhale, Soumya Joshi, Soha Diwan, Arnav Khanzode, etc. He was India Coach assisting International Coach, Kris Peters for the Asian Youth Games training camp in 2019. Indian athletes went on to winning Silver medals during the Asian Youth Games held in Bangalore.


1 session: Rs. 250/-
3 sessions: Rs. 500/-
7 sessions: Rs. 800/-
21 sessions: Rs. 2500/-


    • The Session Will Take Place On An Online Video Calling Application Like: Zoom, Google Meet Etc.
    • Duration of Each Session: 45-60 Minutes.
    • You Can Book The Session Using The Calendar. Final Timing of The Sessions Will Be Decided Between The Expert and The User.
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