Khyati Gulani: Former Indian Women's Cricketer

Khyati Gulani: Former Indian Women's Cricketer

GBS- Khyati Gulani


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She responds to her life calling as…

An established name in the cricketing circle.

Cricket Coach at Delhi Cricket Association (DDCA)

She has been coaching state teams from last 12+ years

She has been working with the Fair Break team which had 11 players from 11 different countries.

Her proud moments

Former First Class Cricket

Played cricket for Delhi for 10 years

Turned BCCI & Cricket Australia Qualified Cricket Coach

Her aspiration

She wants to coach the Indian team in the future.

Why she’s a mentor

After retiring from playing cricket in 2006, Khyati could not imagine herself doing anything other than being associated with cricket, though she had enrolled herself in an aviation course, but could not stay away from cricket and realized her calling as a coach and mentor. Khyati believes that there are a lot of differences in challenges that one encounters while coaching.


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