Join us on 20th June

Conducted By Bhaskar Yogacharya

in raising funds for Underprivileged children to support their education while you reap the benefits of remaining healthy through yoga and fitness.
Funds raised via the event will be donated to the Spark A Change Foundation.

Bhaskar Yogacharya is an experienced professional, having trained in multiple corporations such as Google, American Express, Burberry, etc. He has trained multiple celebrities, for example Sonu Sood, Ekta Kapoor and the Cast of Sonu k titu ki sweetie through fitness and yoga.

Join us and support the spark a chance foundation for the bright future of children.

Spark a change Handles:

Bhaskar Malik Handles:

Join us on 21st June

Conducted By Ashu Dharmadhikari 

to raise funds for the adivasi (tribal) families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic sheltered in Palghar. This Yoga Day is like no other! By participating you not only benefit from the spiritual properties of yogic practices but also help those who are severely impacted at a root level basis.
The funds raised via the event will be donated to Ray foundation. 
Ashu Dharmadhikari’s aim stands to be that the combination of workout is the manure for the blossoming personality of every individual. The pilate exercises will work on your outer core body and muscles. This combination is filled with fun and frolic, Increase energy, better flexibility & posture, improve immunity, inner peace, weight loss, weight gain, all round fitness, body toning, decreased thyroid issues and many more can be possible by adopting a perfect balance of Yoga & Pilate exercises.
Ray Foundation Handles:
Ashu Dharmadhikari Handles:
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