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About Go Beyond Sports

“Go Beyond Sports” Communicates To Look, Achieve And Inspire Beyond Just The Sport. Go Beyond Sports Is Creating A Digitized Revolution For The Sports Ecosystem. We Empower People To Learn From Sports As A Life Skill And A Lifestyle, Making Sports And It’s People Accessible Through Our Platform. Under The GBS Umbrella Is Our Talk Show, Health Fitness And Sports Store, Sports Experts From Various Fields And Crowd Funding For Sports.


International cricket has resumed in India after 380 days with an action-packed series between the two heavyweights of cricket, India and England.

To bring the insights of everyday’s play and analyse the game, we will be joined by Mr. Monty Panesar, former English spinner, on our YouTube channel “Go Beyond Sports”. Tune in everyday and join the discussion.

You also have a chance to be a part of our live discussions and directly interact with Monty. Just fill the form given below to register yourself for the live shows

Change comes with determination and vigour.

We at GBS commit to our initiative of Empowerment and we are launching our first one to
Empower through Nutritious Intake, esp. for sports players.

A balanced diet and adequate exercise are essential for preventing diseases. But not everyone know their dietary requirements and the importance of nutrition, which is pivotal for a sportsperson. Thus, this initiative is a platform to connect you with our sports nutritionists, Ms. Sayali Naik and Ms.Mitali Ambedkar, who will guide you to go an extra mile ahead in your game by taking the right dietary path, and supported by Ms.Sonali Gupta, motivation coach and healer. Founder – go beyond sports, author.

This initiative will constitute of two basic steps:

1. Assessment and Evaluation, where you will be evaluated and an assessment will be made about your nutritional requirement.

2. Providing you the right nutrition intake plan, where, after evaluation, our experts will provide the dietary plan as per your requirement and need.

This New Year- Lets make a resolution to Stay Healthy and Fit.

Only pre-requisite is your Commitment to Change.

Let us all get Healthy and Fit.
Enrol Now and Go Beyond Sportz

“I have a self-defense mind. I’ve had it all my life.” (Conor McGregor)

We at GBS work with a solitary motive of empowerment and the present scenario has driven us for this initiative of empowering and supporting women through self defence. You will get your training from Miss Kajal Pandey( Black belt- Taekwondo, 8 times world record holder and Social Worker) who will be supported by Mrs. Sonali Gupta(Black Belt- Taekwondo, Sports Entrepreneur and Author)

This initiative will include three basic steps:

1. Education, where you will be made aware about your environment and how to manage fear.

2. Building your mindset, where you will go through a psychological change and develop a survival mindset as your mind is the most powerful weapon.

3. Prevention, where you will be taught various easy karate tricks to defend yourself while not depending on power and strength.

The paradox of self-defense is that the more prepared you are, the less likely you are to need it.

We can guide but it’s YOU who have to take the first step.You have to dedicate the time and effort to learn the skills and be prepared before any adversity pops up.

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Do You Know That As Discussed By Olympics Organization Sports Is One of The Primary Human Rights And It’s Mainstream In Our Society And Cultural Upbringing. We Promote Sports As A Life Skill For Empowerment. 

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