Three principles of Water Pilates Exercises

The “aquatic” version of the traditional pilates is a mix of variety of exercises that make muscles stronger and leaner, improve joint strength and regulate body flexibility. This water exercise combines the gentleness of movement, resistance, and smooth flow with the original Pilates’ movements.

The water pilates varies from different kinds of exercises.  Some common examples of this exercise are the Poolates squat, the 50:50, the Living Dead. Though, they may like pretty the same with each other but really, they are way different with each other.

What is “Poolates Squat”?

The Water pilates called the “Poolates squat” exercise is beneficial for abdominal muscles, the back, the waist, arms, and the hamstrings or the back of the legs. In this type of exercise, a kickboard is required.  In the portion of the pool where it’s not that deep, stand straight on the kickboard with two feet separated for almost half-width.

Aligned with shoulders, arms must be stretched fully straight outwards the side of the body appearing like the small letter “t”.  Body mass must be totally pushed down to the kickboard doing a squat position till the thighs parallel to the pool bed for a period of half a minute before coming up from squatting down.

The 50:50 Type

The so-called “50:50” Water pilates workout exercises the chest, abdominal muscles, the back of the legs or hamstrings, the triceps portion of the upper arm and the thighs. In the pool, stand as body submerges in water not deeper than the chest, make sure to keep feet flat on the base of the pool. Position arms at the side of the body, stretch it down and face palms behind. Keeping the right leg straight, raise it about half a foot to a foot away the pool floor. Position the neck aligned with the back bone, stiffen the abs and take a deep breath while swaying arms backward and forward not allowing arms to bend, locking the elbows. Do a breathing activity by inhaling and exhaling while arms are pumped and swayed.

The Lively “Living Dead” Type

The Living Dead may sound scary but actually, it takes the name from its similar appearance to a shuffle derived from creepy dead people. This type of Water pilates exercises the hips, waist, upper and lower back, hamstrings and abdominal muscles.  This is being done by standing straight in the water with the deep of three or four feet directing towards the deeper part of the pool. Try making your abdomen “crunch” and stretch arms forward. Left leg must be lifted leveled to the hips and this would keep toes pointing upwards. Eventually, stretch the left foot while being lowered to the bottom of the swimming pool. Do the procedure with the right leg as well and make repetitions until 10 steps are made. The pool water must be in chest-level upon reaching the 10th step that if not-so-tall individuals want to do this exercise, better start with more shallow swimming pools. Walking across shallow sections of the pool is suggested if walking into a deeper portion is impossible.

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