10 common mistakes you should avoid in Badminton.

10 common mistakes you should avoid in badminton. Badminton is a competitive sport that is quite easy to play. And just like every other sport, it also has its own techniques and strategies, which help the players to play in the correct order and avoid making silly mistakes.

These mistakes may result in losing the point of giving some free points to your opponent.

So, if you likely want to know whether you are playing in the correct order and not doing anything illegal, then you need to check out some of these common mistakes and try to avoid committing them. So, here are the 10 common mistakes you should avoid in badminton

1. Using wrong equipment

Badminton is a racket sport played using a racket, shuttlecock (also called a birdie), and a net, which are the vital gears required on the court.

Using the right badminton gear and equipment can help you drastically enhance your game, and you should choose your equipment according to your expertise and level of play.

Many beginners tend to use non-suitable badminton rackets, grip, and outdoor shoes on an indoor court, affecting their gameplay and the court surface.

I suggest you purchase a suitable badminton racket, shoes, and grip according to your gameplay and skills.

2. Proper serving stance

Badminton is one of the fastest sports in the world and is all about performing fast moves and proper stance.

A player should always use a proper stance while performing a service and receiving a serve because beginners often make mistakes and use the wrong stance and stand in a comfortable position, which is not ideal in the long run.

A player must always stand with his non-racket leg forward and racket leg backward with the hands positioned at chest level. It helps you to be prepared for the next shot.

3. Frustration

Being physically strong is not enough in badminton because if you want to score more points and win a rally, you need to be mentally strong too

As a badminton coach, I have seen many players on the court who often faces such instances while practicing or playing, where they easily get frustrated or annoyed and feel so irritated.

And there is no need to get discouraged in such situations because every player, even a professional, tend to commit errors during a game.

So, try to analyze your mistakes and practice hard to overcome them.

Remember to keep trying, as effective practice will give you your desired results. 

4. Lack of footwork

A player playing on the court must be agile and use the correct hitting technique with effective footwork to reach the shuttle on time and prevent himself from losing a point.

Footwork is also one of the fundamentals of this sport, and in these many years of my badminton career, I have seen many players facing difficulties with their footwork on the court, especially

beginners, which makes it very difficult for them to reach the shuttle on time.

So, to improve your footwork, you can add a few exercises like shadow movements, split steps, pointing footwork, shuffling and running in your warm-up.

And trust me, practicing these exercises thrice a week will improve your footwork.

5. Off-balance smashes

Smash is one of the best offensive and fastest badminton shots, usually performed when the shuttle lands in the middle of the court.

And you should hit a smash only when you are fully ready and have enough time to execute the smash. But if you go for a kill while you are off-balance, you are highly likely to miss it, or you will be very vulnerable to counterattack. 

So, I suggest you be patient, extend the rally, and wait for the perfect opportunity to win. Even if you lose, make your opponent work hard for every point.

6. Static play

It doesn’t matter if you play badminton, singles or doubles; you should always remain active and prepared for the next shot.

In singles, you must return to your base position and not stand static at the place where you received the earlier shot, or else your opponent will catch you off balance.

Talking about doubles, then you should adjust your court position with your partner whenever required in doubles.

7. Poor reception of a serve

Another common mistake that every badminton player must avoid on the court. Most players find it suitable to clear the shuttle off their court while receiving a service that later costs them a lot.

Therefore, a player must perform clearly in different variations rather than hitting at one spot, as it will help him confuse his opponent.

8. Giving up to fast

Like every other sport, badminton is one such sport where if you want to become an advanced player, then you need to practice and practice more.

Although badminton is not an easy sport still, one can learn it in a short period of time because it doesn’t matter when you start; all it matters is how far you’re willing to go.

9. Service errors

If you want to avoid this serving mistake, then try not to hit a loose serve, allowing your opponent to perform a smash.

Now let me define two elements of a short service and a high serve: if you are performing a short serve, make sure it should just be above the net, and in case you are performing a high serve, then it should be directed well back to the backcourt. 

If you serve too low, it might direct the shuttle in the middle of the net and can lead you to lose points. So, to overcome such difficulties, you must regularly practice the right serving technique.

10. Wrong grip

Many beginners and those who are new to this sport tend to hold their racket incorrectly.

Beginners use the panhandle grip as a forehand grip and hold the racket very tight, which makes it difficult to change the grip quickly. It can also lead to wrist and tennis elbow injuries. 

There are two basic grips: forehand and backhand grips. So, whether you are a single or doubles player, you need to make sure that your gripping technique is correct.

Final Thoughts

So, if you don’t want to lose your points unnecessarily or gift some free points to your opponent, you must avoid committing such common mistakes on the court.

If you are not getting the desired results, then don’t get disheartened. Normal ups and downs will come during your journey as a player.

And to become a professional badminton player, you need to practice a lot, learn from your mistakes, and try not to repeat them.

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