Sports Players Sustainability During The Covid-19 Pandemic

As sports players, whose mind and body are accustomed to daily routines and repetitions, come back from isolation to their expert art, their training will include adjusting to a new mental reality.

Everyone around the world, most notably the sports community is feeling the effect of COVID-19 – events around the sporting community at all game levels have been dropped, and training facilities were shut but are beginning to open. Be that as it may, the loss of live games has left an abyss in changing the lives of a considerable number of individuals and specifically those for whom sport is their occupation.

Although the most essential thing for all at the moment is to avoid any interaction that will cause them to contact the dreaded COVID-19, it is likewise a period of high pressure and stress. Sports players are used to structuring and training every day, and this time is definitely not that – and because of the pandemic; there have been emergency courses of action helter-skelter by players and coaches in the sports community as a means to help these players mental alertness.


To help the players to sustain themselves while not being able to do all they usually do, psychological health professionals and several other organizations are assisting these players with reducing the impacts of this incredibly fluid circumstance through online support.

More so, in this season of uncertainty, similar to every other person, a few sports players likewise experienced food or housing insecurity because of the pandemic.

Notwithstanding, it isn’t all players that were influenced monetarily as clubs made it a priority to provide these players with all they need to stay focused.

In this manner, every players’ circumstance was unique, so these players support group paid more attention to their players’ welfare, as opposed to on the players’ training program alone.

The support groups encourage compliance by the players with a daily training routine whenever the situation allows. They likewise encourage regular exercises as it releases the endorphins hormones, a hormone that causes a natural ‘feel good’ feeling. Hence, promoting a sense of mental prosperity for the players.

All the more in this way, gym closure expects players to get innovative to keep up their alertness and strength. Assist players with creating sport-explicit objectives to work with the instruments they have at home during the quarantine season.

With regards to communicating with the rest of the team – video conferencing innovation is in a blast stage as of now, and their numerous mediums, for example, Go To Meeting, Zoom, Facetime and most especially, WhatsApp, allows the players to interact with one other.

The video conferencing enables the players to communicate with team support staff for training updates and physiotherapy appointments. It likewise provides them with a way to remain connected with the team’s atmosphere to keep up with their form.

The team support also conducts video chats where players can communicate their interests and stresses. The acknowledgement that others share similar sentiments, eases tension and encourages a healthy lifestyle.


  • They stayed strong. Resilience is crucial, and how these sports players have adjusted to reality have had an effect on how they will or have performed. Specifically, resilience with regards to how rivals are responding and adapting to the pandemic has helped them grow. As they adjust in a superior manner than their opponent during the isolation period, have helped a number of them return to the field better prepared.
  • Balanced their objectives. Some sports players viewed the isolation period as a chance to continue improving and keeping in mind that their targets, the course of events for these objectives have likewise must be adjusted to they have to set their goals to match the present reality.
  • They utilize their time admirably. The extra time was used by most players as a chance to take a shot at things that they have disregarded or not had the option to take a shot at previously. For instance, getting sustenance and evaluating new healthful strategies, taking a shot at their psychological skills and mental alertness, or breaking down their technical skills.
  • Prepare against burnout. This time of isolation has offered players the opportunity to rest more, get over injuries, practice new relaxation techniques and store up energy for what’s to come. The psychological and physical rest have assisted them with maintaining a strategic distance from burnout when the game returns.
  • Concentrate on different things. Sports players can be famous for focusing only on their sport to the detriment of everything else. Their occupation can cause obsession and in most cases leading to perfectionism – as such, the lockdown period was a period for the players to concentrate on other interests. This may include considering something they are keen on, finding new side interests, or simply relaxing.


Moreover, coaches had the option to address different vital inquiries, for example, how to screen athletic performance so far since the beginning of the season, injuries and other input about training because of the separation among coaches and players during the lockdown.

The lockdown has provided coaches with a chance to think about their training and have discussions with other coaches, and specialists across various sporting societies and scenes that have subsequently prompted changes in coaching methods, practices and behaviour. These changes are then impacted on their players to help the team better.


Besides, for some sports players; the postponement of significant events was a genuine hindrance to career growth or a course towards contract re-negotiation like in the case of Odion Ighalo at Manchester united – or even a new driver towards an automatic retirement.

However, for other people, for example, those coming back from medications, injury or a disciplinary ban, maybe the opportunity to extend the season or competition is another opportunity to accomplish what they have been hoping to achieve throughout the season.


While the need for all at the current time is to remain healthy and liberated from the COVID-19 virus, it is likewise a period of high pressure and stress. Sport players who are acclimated with structure and a restrained daily schedule will come out strong when the sport fully return.

Having implemented procedures have helped sports players to keep up their mental balance and sustainability by the clubs’ support team. More so, the club also encouraged them to take an interest in exercises that give joy, a feeling of accomplishment, and link them up socially with the support group have given the players an option to sustain themselves during these vulnerable times.

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