Lockdown in the World of Sports

Lockdown in the World of Sports

Everyone was looking forward to the year Twenty-Twenty,

As it was supposed to have sporting action aplenty

All major sports events had their plans in place

But nobody knew that the world would lose its pace


The biggest of them all, the Olympic Games had to be postponed to the next year

The organizers had to take this precautionary measure amidst all the uncertainty and fear!

Over the past two months the world has come to a standstill

The task to start sports events at the moment looks quite uphill!


The corona virus has hit the world badly

It will take time for the world to heal completely!

The sporting fraternity is going through its toughest phase arguably

But it is determined to fight it out strongly!


It’s not at all easy for the players to be at home and train

As they are so used to a rigorous routine irrespective of heat or rain

They are facing such a situation for the first time in so many years,

But they have to manage their new  schedule and keep changing gears!


All the players are keeping a keen eye on their physical fitness

Professionalism is all about preparation and awareness!

Attention also has to be given to keep the mind in the right frame

As mental fitness is equally important in any game!


In these times, the sportspersons are engaging with their fans through online interactions

Their quotes and opinions are garnering a lot of reactions

On the other hand, there are some players and even sporting bodies who are suffering

It’s important that they hang-in there and wait for a positive opening


We all must firmly believe that this too shall pass

And be optimistic that soon we will be able to see action on grass

Like the players, the fans too are finding it challenging to wait any longer

But at the moment, staying at home will ensure we come out stronger



Prasanna is a sports crazy person and divides his time between his profession of a multi skills trainer and his passion for sports. Being a management student, he makes it a point to precisely analyse the nuances of the games and presents them in a crisp manner. Born and brought up listening to many great orators and presenters, he loves to host events and is also a passionate sports commentator.


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