Importance of Martial Arts Conditioning

The term ‘martial arts conditioning’ is perplexing to many individuals. You hear about MMA fighters in their martial arts conditioning regimens incorporating conditioning, but what does it mean?

Martial arts conditioning is simply training to get into the best condition you can be in to perform and compete in martial arts. Different martial arts may have slightly different conditioning needs depending on the style. However, mixed martial artists need to train even harder to be in the elite overall condition to handle anything that is thrown at them.

Martial arts conditioning is more than just strength training or cardio. A comprehensive martial arts conditioning program should include flexibility exercises, aerobic and anaerobic exercises as well as building up your ability to take blows. Most importantly this improves your stamina and endurance as well as helping to prevent injuries.

It doesn’t matter if you are a great striker if you can’t last long enough to get in any knockout punches. A truly great mixed martial arts fighter has the right balance between strength, speed and stamina and can take a beating as well as they can give one.

If you are too big and bulky your muscles require too much energy and can drain you too fast. In the reverse, if all you do is cardio and speed training you will likely lack the real strength it takes to do damage and take damage in the cage.

For this reason, you will see the top MMA schools and mixed martial arts fighters incorporating a lot of specialized circuit training into their mixed martial arts workouts. This offers the optimal combination of true strength training (not bodybuilding) with endurance training.

You will find this not only gives you the body you have been looking for but true strength and stamina to go the distance in competition. Some core exercises which may be seen in martial arts conditioning include the plank, side bends, twists, yoga balancing positions the plane, supermans and back extensions.

In addition to circuit training mixed martial arts workout programs also include plenty of sparring so that you can train yourself for what it is like to endure the long 5-minute UFC rounds. Many a martial arts academy also spends time having students team up to hit each other to teach absorption techniques.


With all of the fitness and mixed martial arts workout tips available it is surprising to still find that many people are still very confused about what core exercises are. Yes, they include abs, but your core is much more than just your abs. You must train all of your core muscles from the thighs and hip flexors through your abs and include the muscles that run up the spine to the neck.

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