5 Tips To Improve Your Badminton Grip

If you enjoy playing badminton, you may want to do anything you can to improve your badminton grip. If you do not hold the racket correctly it will decrease accuracy and stroke power.

So it is important to learn how to hold the racket correctly to get the most out of the game. A badminton grip is said to be the most important aspect of playing badminton and your game will not improve until you learn this.

Understand the game

Badminton is similar to tennis because it has 2 players on either side of a net. It can also have 2 partners who play against other opponents. But instead of hitting a ball, the player uses a racket to hit what is called a shuttlecock. The shuttlecock or bird is a rounded, plastic half circle ball that has extending, feathered plastic pieces that are attached to the half circle ball.

The rackets that are used for badminton are small and they have tight woven plastic strings. The shuttlecock is served to the person on the other of the net and if the person returns this serve it is called a rally.

The main objective of the game is to return a rally into the opponent’s area, that he is unable to return. This is another way this game resembles tennis because both players will attempt to hit the ball faster, slower or at an angle. This is an attempt to make it difficult for the opponent to return the shuttlecock.

Mind both sides

The racket used for badminton has 2 separate sides and both of them are used. There are also 2 different ways to grip the racket and they are called the forehand and the backhand face. You will have to become used to holding and hitting the shuttlecock from both sides of the racket. The proper badminton grip should be learned for both sides. There are a few useful tips for doing this.

Hold your racket face down

The forehand badminton grip is used for hitting the shuttlecock on the same side of the body that you are holding your racket. This is usually on the right side, unless you are left handed. You also use this type of grip for hitting a shuttlecock that is over your head. Start by holding the racket so that the edge is pointing down toward the floor. Place your hand on the badminton grip as if you were going to shake hands with it. The grip should set across your palm.

Keep your thumb up

Clasp your fingers around the grip but leave your thumb pointing in an upward position. You can spread your fingers apart until you are comfortable with this grip and there should be a clear V shape between your thumb and fingers. This is the correct way to hold a badminton grip using the forehand option.

The backhand badminton grip is used for making shots on the other side of the body.  Start by placing your hand in a forehand grip position. Turn your hand slightly to the left so you are now holding the grip in your fist. Your thumb should not be pointed upward but when making a shot, you should use your thumb as a guide and to control where the shuttlecock goes. Your thumb will support the racket using this grip and you should move it slightly, along with your fingers to get a comfortable grip.

Switch grip fast

You don’t have to take a lot of time to switch from one type of grip to another. It is recommended that you should adjust the grip when you are swinging the racket across your body. You can practice switching grips until you become good at it and before you start to play, you should be able to do this with ease.

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