What Is More Important? TIME Versus YOU


Well, to begin with, what if we say, time is just a construct, an invention? MAN-MADE? It is not real?

Think about it, wasn’t time invented? who invented time, how and why, and when?

you can surely research further on that topic.

However, for now, let’s look at how important is time versus you.

When u are training, doesn’t time stands still?


Because YOU are so present in that moment that time does not exist. Only you and your body do.


Time is linear only because we have made it so. We view time as the ticking clock in its numbers.
It is these numbers that make it linear. If you take out the numbers time might still exist, but then perhaps, not as a linear rather as a whole 360 degrees and all around.

So it is with SPORTS.

Time is of no essence to what you are and what you play.
How long you train. How many days you train, versus how you train and what you train for.

TIME as a construct.

If you take away that man based construct called time. What then will be more valuable in terms of sports?
How you learn, how much you apply it and how well you execute your learning into your sport. That will then be the measure of your time. How quickly and easily you do it or how difficult it is… is only something that is individual. It is not a one size fits all.

Because ‘TIME’ apart from being the linear construct, which is the same for all of us on this planet earth as humans. The 24 hours and days of the week, months, etc, what we do within that framework of time is what makes us who we are. And different as human beings.


Time is very important in a sport because it is a measure of your ability. But your ability is not based on time. It is based on YOU. It can only change the value in terms of time and its numbers. But underneath all of it is the sport and again, YOU.

Your ability and capability changes time, time does not change your ability and capability.
eg: Like in sprinting, you may take 20secs for a 100 mt sprint. You can change it to 9sec with your capacity, capability, and ability.
And so, that 20 sec does not take anything away from you. Because it is who you are, not the time that you take. It only is of a certain value at that moment. Which can be changed eventually.

Time too does not stand still, It is always changing. So are we and the sport we play.

Ponder over and see where you stand in time! who or what is more important? TIME versus YOU.

“To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them.”–Picabo Street

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