Makeup, Spotlight…Sports! (Makeup Spotlight Sports Actor)

Do glam and glamour, makeup and spotlights….and sports mix?Our perceptions of sports and glamour are different. Often we don’t mix the two. That is perhaps, also, because we have not seen very many of them. Sportsmen and women, often, chose sport over the glam and glamour. Or, they all together give it up for their dream of the arc-lights.One may recall from the handful of names, the very glamorous tennis player Anna Kournikova, who stole hearts with not just her game playing but her beauty too. Or, Deepika Padukone from back home (with also the legacy of her surname) who gave up sports for the glam world.Our perceptions of sports don’t allow us to see beyond the sport itself, we don’t look at the face of the person, or their nails or hair or fashion. We see beyond that, we see their grit, their confidence, their passion and so much more. While glam for us is all of that. The face, the body, the hair, the nails…and everything else possible. We seldom mix the two. We may, in fact, have our own judgments about someone who is glamorous and equate his/her performance in sports accordingly.In conversation with Sneha Namanadi, a model, actor, dancer, we discover this and what role sports plays in our lives. How empowering it is not only for ourselves and for those around us too.“Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” – Michael JordanSONALI GUPTA in conversation with Model-Actor-Dancer SNEHA NAMANANDI. makeup spotlight sportsVideo Player

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