Focus Right On CUE. Champion Billiards Snooker.

Cue sports is a word synonymous with Billiards. However, pool and snooker along with billiards now come under the umbrella of all cue sports.A cue is primarily a long wooden stick with a head, used to play the sport on a rectangular cloth table with 6 pockets. There are several coloured balls that are a part of the game, which is to be pocketed using the cue.As simple as this sounds, the skill that requires to pocket the balls, is not as physical as much as it is mental.PATIENCEPatience is one of the virtues that we have all known and heard of. From most mental aspects of any game, patience is the most important one. Not only it is about being patient during the game. It is patience in preparing for the game. Not a few hours or a day before but sometimes years ago.To patiently learn, play, master and then compete takes patience. And it is what keeps one going too. To wake up day after day, patiently waiting for your day to arrive.Billiards makes you patient. It teaches you to learn again and again to recognise your spot of contact on the ball with the cue and the result of it. It is a continuous analysis and evaluation of one’s own personal game that makes one a better player.

For every pass I caught in a game, I caught a thousand in practice. – Don Hutson

FOCUSFocus by definition means the main or central point of something, especially of attention or interest.Unless we make our sport and our training our focus outside of the arena, we cannot see or get the results we desire inside of it. It takes determination to remain focussed. And, the unwavering passion for the sport. Focus then to excel in the game, to learn and play by the rules is what makes one a great sports player.And billiards as a sport, demands it. You cannot lose focus even for a nanosecond because the point of contact between the two balls is probably as tiny as a pinhead. And if you off skew it, you could lose your direction as intended for the result expected.BREATHE EASYThe most important take away from my conversation with DHRUV SITWALA who is a billiards champion was to just breathe.He was recently recognised with “Shiv Chhatrapati Award” by Government Of Maharashtra for his International Achievements in Billiards. Also, Two times Asian Billiards Champion (2015 & 2016) 2010 World Professional Billiards – Runner Up 2007 IBSF World Billiards (time format) – Runner UP And many more.Hear him talk about how he picked up the first cue ever and what makes him a champion today. snooker. cue sports

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