5 Tips For Best Lower Abdominal Exercises

It is important to perform lower abdominal exercises during work outs. The Lower abdomen does not consist of a single muscle. It consists of upper, lower and oblique abdominal muscles. Here are five important tips for effective lower abdominal exercises.

  1. Repetition is king

Another important thing to remember when working out the lower abdominals is to concentrate in the quality of each repetition rather than the quantity. Use slow and controlled movements to reap the best benefits out of lower abdominal exercises. It does not help to do multiple repetitions when you are not doing the right thing after all. I is important to make sure that the precise muscles are getting the workout.

  • Breathing technique is important

Proper breathing techniques help in performing these exercises. Exhale when your muscles are tightening and inhale when your muscles are stretching. Improper execution of the exercise usually involves holding the breath or making shallow breaths. Over a period of time, as you get used to the exercises, you can make deeper breaths after each execution and you will learn to regulate your breathing with the exercise.

Make sure that you feel your lower abdominals working more than the other muscle groups. If you do not feel them working, stop exercising. It is difficult to feel this muscle group working once they get fatigued.

  • Check your lower back

When doing exercises for the lower abdominals, make sure that you do not feel any pain along your lower back. If you feel pain in your lower back while exercising, it means that your lower abdominals may not be strong enough for the exercise or you are not performing it right. As long as you feel pain along your lower back, do not perform the exercises.

  •  Hold your Sit-Ups

One of the best strengthening exercises for the lower abdominals is the Sit-Up- Hold Exercise. This exercise is done lying on the floor with both knees bent and both feet on the floor. Both hands are placed behind the head keeping the elbows down so that you do not see them.

  •  Mind your starting position

From this starting position, the shoulders are lifted up from the floor using the abdominal muscles. This position is held for 10 seconds. Slowly return down to preparatory position and then repeat.

It is best to remember that the quality of the execution is what really matters and not the quantity. Do not try to make it easier by using the wrong muscles as substitutes. Lower abdominal exercises and strengthening are best done using controlled and slow movements.


The lower abdominal muscles work primarily as postural or stabilizing muscles. These muscles are designed to work for a longer period of time during the day at low intensities. Endurance rather than strengthening exercises are the best form of lower abdominal exercises.

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