Basic Golf Tricks Improve Your Golf Score

Tips to Improve Your Golf Score: Basic Golf Tricks

Tips to Improve Your Golf Score


For those who have played golf for many years, it is easy to pick up little habits. These habits can be detrimental to your game. Instead of tweaking and tinkering, it can sometimes be better just to go back to basics. Thereafter, you can pick up some tips to improve the game that you may have used when you were just starting.

Problems with the Swing:

For many golfers new and old, problems can begin with the swing. At some point in every golfer`s life, as the club comes down, the left knee can collapse. It causes your shoulders to drop and your hips to turn too far.

Imagine a Football:

Simply imagining a football between your knees as you swing the club can have a beneficial effect. Moreover, you can even use a football in the practice areas to help maintain a rigid left knee.

Power Control:

If the power in the swing is another issue then there is also a simple technique that can remedy this. To achieve power you need control and that control starts with your weaker arm. If you are right-handed try a practice session where you swing solely with your left. The first few shots may be a little wayward but after a while, you will notice some control creeping in. Your left arm also becomes stronger and next time you play a drive off the tee. This combination of power and control can see you achieve a greater distance.

Bunker Play:

For many weekend golfers, the death of a good round can take place in the bunker. Moreover, a promising start to your game can be ruined by poor bunker play in an instant. This is the place where a lot of minor adjustments are made by golfers but once again, going back to basics can produce instant results. One of the chief reasons for playing a poor bunker shot and maybe even staying in the sand with a worse lie is that the player quits on the shot.


It is important to maintain acceleration throughout the shot. If you stop or slow down, or even hit too hard at the point of impact you won`t achieve the same results that steady acceleration will bring. It may sound like a simple tip but it’s amazing how many people forget this basic advice that we were all given when we started playing the game.

Visualize the Game:

One of the most important pieces of practice you can do is just before heading out on the course. Mental preparation is a huge part of the game these days and while we can`t all call upon the services of a sports psychologist, there are many things we can do to focus for the round ahead.

Visualizing your round can be a good place to start:

Before you go out, try visualizing every shot of your round until you`re making great putts, perfect approaches, and powerful swings every time.

Positive Thinking:

This won`t guarantee you`ll replicate the round that you`ve just made in your head but this form of positive thinking will ensure that you feel good about your game when you step onto the first tee.

Final Words:

Improve the little things and your golf score will improve. The swing and the mental game are just a few of the things you can work on to get that golf score lower and have more fun. We all play golf because we love it and playing better just enhances this love and when little things are going wrong it can help to look at basic free footy tips to turn things around.

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