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5 inevitable future trends in the world of sports 


The world of sports is ever-changing. With technology apace gaining traction, with ever-changing demographics and with ever-changing habits of spectators, it’s extraordinarily vital to adjust to the fresh rising trends in sports. Clubs, media, gear makers, textile firms, logistics provider need to rapidly adjust to the pace dynamic future sports trends.

Here we try to take a look at the top five future trends in sports

Trend 1. The transition from traditional to non-traditional

Over the last few years, ancient sports like soccer, baseball, hockey and cricket have seen firm regressions in fan participation rates. This chiefly correlated with changes in demography. The new generation is gradually becoming less inquisitive about traditional sports. This is mainly because of their playing styles and the time needed to play these sports.

Therefore, non-traditional sports like e-sports, technology-based sports and adventure sports gaining spaces and popularity among the younger generation. More so Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to innovate in terms of sporting activities, so much so that traditional sports will have to fight it hard to regain their former glory.

Trend 2. Media Revolution

Traditional media is gradually losing its stronghold allowing new and more tech-savvy media to flourish in times of rapid globalization. International audiences, international fans, international leagues, international media! Everybody and everything is connected nowadays at your fingertips.

Moreover, Covid-19 has already given a lift to this modern trend of media where people are connecting from the comfort of their homes. Be it Champions League, Formula One, Wimbledon or Olympics, Media can extend its reach from anywhere resulting in an ultimate change in the way we experience the sport. This will allow added growth of virtual and online media in respect to traditional media.

Trend 3. E-sports gaining traction

E-sports is gaining popularity among fans at an alarming speed, so much so that e-sport is evolving itself in a huge profit-making industry. With changes in milieus, a technology where people are compelled to spend more time at home, sports like video games played by multiple players in an arena attended by a large, global virtual audience is becoming more popular and is here to stay for long.

These e-sports are mainly played by professionals named e-athletes. Regular competitions and tournaments are arranged all over the world and people from any part of the world with the requisite skills can participate in these e-sports with more liberty and fewer criteria for approval required in traditional sports. This is the future of sports and will sustain for a long.

Trend 4. Rising of Artificial Intelligence or AI

From scouting to data analysis, AI is changing the dynamics of sports in the modern world and is looking more prominent in the upcoming days. It is quite obvious that AI will affect human jobs, the sooner we aspect this, the better for us. Sports have become a success and result oriented, everyone in a competition is looking to come up as a winner, and therefore people are more inclined to find ways of winning and progressively depending on data analysis and metrics to find that immaculate and expedient way of success.

AI analysis is not confined to any limitations like passes made, goals scored or distance run. From finding opponents weakness to improving the performance capacity of players to marketing a certain sport and augmenting fan engagement, AI is everywhere.

Trend 5. Stadiums likely to get squeezed

Already in the news that famous stadiums like Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Arrowhead stadiums, Levi’s Stadium and many are reducing their sitting capacity to sustain and compensate the loss of spectators and profit margins. Well, the thing which is now more evident based on Covid-19 inflicted reasons were till the time being ignored. Indications were there but nobody bothered to pay any heed. With the advent of technology, people are more inclined to choose the comfort of their home and cosy couch than being physically present in an open arena battling sun and rain to cheer for their favourite teams. Gone are those days where people had to rush to stadiums to watch their beloved games. Now people can watch them live on their handheld mobile device if not on television or computer.


Moreover, with the popularity of e-sport, restriction of fans in stadiums and abundance of online media where everything going virtual, capacity in stadiums are going to get squeezed further and this trend is going to gain pace in the forthcoming days more and more.

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