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World’s 5 most Dangerous Sports


Sports, overall, are quite dangerous simply because of the nature of the conduct. Games and sports require a lot of physical activities. However, some sports are categorized under extreme sports and often considered the most dangerous sports in the world.

Here we take a look at the world’s five most dangerous sports being played.

Base Jumping

BASE jumping is an extreme sport, which is deliberated as extremely dangerous. This sport is so dangerous, that over 300 jumpers have already died to date while attempting this sport. In contrast, regular Skydiving is

considered much safer than Base Jumping. A study on Base jumping stated that one participant out of sixty dies annually. Two most important factors in Base jumping which makes this sport dangerous are low altitude and the proximity to the object jumping from.


White Water Rafting

White water rafting and white water rafting are outdoor recreational activities that use inflatable rafts to sail in rivers or other waters. This is usually done in rough water or varying degrees of rough water. The need to face risks and teamwork is usually part of the experience. This acts as a recreational sport has been popular since the 1950s.


It has evolved from boating with oars or sculls to multi-person rafts powered by a single oar and driven by a single oar. Rafting in certain parts of the river is considered an extreme sport and can be fatal. The International Rafting Federation, commonly referred to as IRF, is the world body that oversees all aspects of the sport. According to studies, there are almost 106 to 179 injuries recorded out of 100,000 rafters, while the fatalities rate is estimated as one out of 100,000 participants.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a sports activity in which contestants move up, down, or through natural rock formations or simulated rock walls. The aim is to reach the top of the formation or the end of the strategic route without tumbling.

Rock climbing is an activity that requires both the body and the spirit. The strength, agility, endurance, balance, and mind control of climbers are often tested to the extreme. It can be a perilous sport, and precise climbing awareness and the use of specialized climbing gear are indispensable to safely complete this sport.

According to studies, it is estimated that the accident rate in this sport varies from 2.5 to 5.6 accidents per 10000 climber-hours annually.

Street Luging

Street Luging or Street sledging is a sport-related to skating that requires the use of street sledge boards, also known as sledging. This wheeled sledge runs in a fixed direction or on a paved road. Although the skating board itself looks a lot like a longboard, the rider is essentially lying on his back instead of standing up. In this way of riding, it is not so much skateboarding as a winter sport like sleigh skating.

However, this sport is extremely dangerous and the risk of injury in this sport is 0.39 per person annually.


Heli-skiing is downhill skiing activity that is done with the help of a helicopter. It is nearly skiing in regular surroundings without having to travel to these areas for excursions. Most heli-skiers are looking for natural terrain features, powder snow, long descents, soft corn snow, old tree clearings, and steep routes.

However, since this sporting activity is mostly done in and around extremely remote places which is difficult to access, it is often dangerous to get recovered from these places if in case of accidents or mishaps. Moreover, these unknown tracks may be full of dangerous trails and joles which may cause serious to fatal injuries to the skiiers.

Final Words

Despite the dangers lurking in these above-mentioned sports, sporting enthusiasts and adventurists from all over the world rush to take part in these sports in the intoxication of experiencing the unknown. Due to its aptitude for the high adrenaline rush, It is said that there is certainly not an off-season in the chart of extreme sports.

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