Energy Tea | Glass Jar | 60 Servings


The new ULTIMATE ISOLATE is a high quality protein supplement processed using scientifically advanced Cross Flow Microfiltration (CFM) technology. This technology gives high bio-availability and undenatured protein. Ultimate Isolate is the organic grass-fed Whey with no added hormones, antibiotics or any undesirable substances. Ultimate Isolate caters to the need of fitness enthusiasts, professional bodybuilders and athletes with 90% protein availability in each serving.

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A Culminated blend of Ayurvedic, Amazonian and Chinese herbs, Synerveda Energy Tea invigorates the body and stimulates mental alertness naturally, without causing a crash or come down. Herbs such as Bramhi and Shankhpushpi are Nootropic herbs that improve neuronal function and enhance concentration and focus. Ephedra improves metabolism and enhances heart rate. Vasaka opens up the respiratory pathways, helping you to breathe deeper and as a result pumping higher amounts of Oxygen into your bloodstream. Other herbs such as Ginseng, Yerba Mate, Green Tea etc contain Alkaloids, Tannins, catachemins and Antioxidants that help Energize, Rejuvenate and repair fatigued cells .



Green Tea:Loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols, green tea extract enhances circulation and balances Cardiac rhythm. 

Bramhi:A neural simulator, Bramhi Improves cognitive functionality, enhances focus and mental acuity

Ginseng:Used extensively in Chinese medicine, Ginseng is very effective in Improving Focus, concentration and circulatory rhythm.   

Vasaka: Opens up respiratory airways, allowing you to breathe deeper and inhale more oxygen, helping you stay energized and focused

Ephedra: An extract of the Ma Huang plant, Ephedra is a potent stimulant that boosts metabolism and increases heart rate

Yerba Mate: Indigenous to South America, it is refreshing and rejuvenating herb that boosts energy and dopamine levels


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