Plyometrics: Ultimate exercise for jumpers and sprinters

Developed in the 1960s by a Soviet, plyometrics exercise is the secret behind the Soviets’ success and domination in the field of gymnastics, weightlifting and track and field in the 1970s up to the 1980s. Owe to its success on the athletes’ performance, it slowly finds its way to a number of fitness regimens all over the world. Plyometrics exercises are primarily designed to develop strong and intense body movement. It also enhances the performance of the nervous system which plays a vital role in any sports and physical activity. It increases the body’s strength and speed and further boosts the body’s coordination and agility.

Plyometrics indispensable for athletes

Plyometrics exercises come from the Greek word plyometrics which means “more length.” This length refers to the body’s muscle for enhanced performance and powerful movements. Plyometrics exercises include movements that aim to strengthen tissues by loading up the muscle and thereafter contracting it in rapid progression. It makes use of strength, flexibility and innervations of the muscles and tissues which will allow the practitioner to run faster, jump higher, hit harder or throw farther among many others.

Plyometrics exercises help in achieving the increase in the contraction rate or strength of muscles which leads to successful and enhanced performance in sports activities. Football, rugby, racket sports, basketball, volleyball, athletics, martial arts and even break-dancing employ plyometrics exercises in their training programs.

Benefits of Plyometric exercises

Strengthening: These exercises strengthen the muscles, including leg muscles. The lean muscle mass of the legs develops which makes them efficient and effective through various physical activities.

Lose Weight: Many forms of exercise help you lose weight by burning calories. Plyometric exercises also increase metabolic rate, with which you can burn your calories even more effectively.

Quick Response Time: Many competitive sports need the sportsman to start or move quickly in a moment. Plyometrics help you develop explosive power, which leads to increased athletic performance.

Increased Endurance: Not only does an athlete need good strength, but also endurance to be active throughout the game and to be more competitive. Plyometric training significantly increases endurance which helps the athletes through long periods of activities with higher performance levels.

Decreased Risk of Injuries: These exercises improve range of motion and flexibility, thus reducing the risk of injuries. Also, as the body is strengthened, it becomes more resilient to injury.

Apart from the above benefits, plyometric exercises are also known to improve posture and balance of the body.

Final words

However, be sure to follow the right progression and techniques, as doing these exercises in the wrong way may result in injuries. Follow a proven system of plyometric training, like The Vertical Jump Guide, to get the best results.

Plyometrics exercises indeed have a number of health benefits for both athletes and health buffs. This activity requires the use and employment of the proper techniques to achieve your physical fitness goal. To achieve your goal, it is advisable and prudent to consult a personal trainer before doing these exercises to avoid injuries and to ensure your safety while performing the plyometrics routines.

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