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CONVERSATIONS and more…with Sonalli Guptaa.At Beyond Sports, we have inspiring conversations with people from various sports and walks of life. It shares their journey of achievements through limitations, mental and emotional growth, and the importance of sports in their life and wellbeing. Sport is a great leveller and community builder and we highlight this through our conversations of empowerment through sports! fun and games…to sports!Sports is one of the few activities we all grow up with. Early on we call it fun, we call it games or play. The importance of which is highlighted by every mental, physical or social expert. And most of all, it is not lost upon adults who know what sports can help a child with. Sports play a very pivotal role in our early lives. It is used to not only help children learn to grow and develop their motor skills, but also their mental wellbeing. Through the games, children learn their social interactions. They learn to go beyond their comfort zone and to also challenge their own limitations.Once the early learning has moved on, more skill based games begin to replace them. And that is when we begin to identify and classify them into different ‘sports’. It then continues into adolescence and adulthood, bringing along with it, the fundamentals of discipline, focus and routine. The commitment to oneself and to the sport itself. Through all its aspects physical, mental, emotional and also spiritual.Why sports?We are well aware of all kinds of sports, indoors, outdoors, skill based, strength based, agility, mental games and so many more. As we evolve, so do our sports, based on our needs as people and society. More and more adaptive sports are also introduced to grow along with the change.So, then why sports? and why so much research, technology, time and resources spent on it?Because it challenges us, it allows us to go beyond our own limitations of mind and body. It puts us humans into evolutionary mode with the kind of challenges we overcome. Most of which are unfathomable until someone breaks through and goes beyond!

Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life. -Billy Jean King

Hence, at beyond sports…the endeavour is to empower through sports. To highlight the importance of it. The stories of people and their lives involving sports. The impact of sports on us, as individuals and most of all as a community.Sports knows no gender, no caste nor creed, no religion, language or geographic boundaries…it only knows its game and play. The human endurance and the indomitable spirit to make it a SPORT! chat show

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