Cyclothon Juhu

Important Instructions

  • This is a provisional registration. The success of the registration depends on successful payment of registration fees and verification.
  • Carry 1 liter of water with you. Do not forget to refill your water bottles at water station.
  • Throw empty water bottles, banana peels & trash in Garbage bins placed soon after every water station. PLEASE-DO NOT LITTER OUR BEAUTIFUL CITY.
  • SMILE at our photographers who will capture your picture while cycling. Do not risk by posing with your hands off the handle or stunts.
  • Look out for signage/ arrows & our Volunteers along your route. Volunteers would wear Fluorescent Jackets.
  • We are thankful to Mumbai Police for their guidance & support. Though the route has been carefully selected to avoid traffic, watch-out for traffic and any obstacles on the route. Slow down or stop if necessary. SAFETY FIRST! Cycling speed & Timing later!!
  • Recheck your fitness levels if you don't feel good, opt out or just take it easy there is always another event
  • When you can go flat out. Contact nearest Volunteer for medical support.
  • Eat fruits, sleep well & Hydrate well the day before the cycling.
  • There are No baggage counters so keep your stuff with you or with a friend.
  • Do NOT continue if you start feeling uncomfortable of uneasy at any point.
  • At the finish Do stretching again. Drink water to rehydrate and get a Breakfast.