Certificate Course in Mentoring Champions

Certificate Course in Mentoring Champions is a basic introductory course on mentoring junior athletes. Mentors play an important part in a child's development as an athlete as well as a human being.  A mentor should know how to set goals for a junior, create plans and keep him/her motivated and disciplined in his/her developmental journey. At the same time, the mentor should know how much to push the child in his pursuit and how to deal with failure and frustration. This basic course covers all these essential elements of mentorship. The course also covers the basics of sports psychology.

Course Fees - Rs. 6000/-

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Link for the course on the CFL Platform. Click for more details : https://www.champforlife.in/course/course-v1:CFL+MC101+2030_T2


The Certificate Course in Golf Management

The Certificate Course in Golf Management is the first specialized golf management course in India and is recognized by the Golf Course Superintendents & Managers Association of India. The 6-month course will prepare students for a career in the golf industry.
The course delivers an ideal blend of academic inputs in the various functions of management and practical training that focuses on the management of golf. The students will be trained in the knowledge and skills required in this filed, and get hands-on exposure to the best practices prevalent in the industry.
The content has been specifically designed to ensure broad coverage an includes areas such as club management, golf operations, event management, F&B management, marketing, planning, and development, etc. While Protouch Sports leverages its 30 years of experience in the golf industry to impart an intense golf-centric learning experience, Praxis brings to the table its deep knowledge of contemporary management practices.
This course has been designed to address the growing need for professionally trained resources in the area of golf management. As the sport of golf makes rapid strides in India and abroad, the demand for people who have the knowledge and skills to manage the sport – including course management, tournament and event management, player and team management, etc. has grown exponentially. This creates an opportunity for trained professionals to find exciting careers in this field.

Course Fees - Rs. 60000/-

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Link for the course on the CFL Platform. Click for more details : https://www.champforlife.in/course/course-v1:CFL+GMC101+2022_T1


The Certificate in Sports Management

The Certificate Course in Sports Management has been designed for students, corporate professionals; graduates and sports enthusiasts who wish to explore a career in sports. The sports, fitness and wellness industry is going to be the most lucrative and growth-oriented sector in our country over the next decade. With the per capita income going up, one will have adequate funds to spend on sports, fitness, and wellness. This is evident with numerous multi-sports facilities, gymnasium, yoga centers sprouting across the cities as well as in the rural area.
The one very special and distinctive advantage of this course in sports management is the variety of career paths that one could take up in the industry. From the usual career choices such as athletic trainers, athletic administrators, player or coach agents, retailing and branding for sporting organizations, team managers or the coach or even a sports event planner, the options are varied and diverse. We will offer job guidance and a 100% internship guarantee. Our placement cell will provide full support for jobs and internships.

Course Fees - Rs. 80000/-

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Link for the course on the CFL Platform. Click for more details : https://www.champforlife.in/course/course-v1:CFL+CFLSM101+2222_T1


Basics of Golf (Theory)

The game of golf can seem a very complicated for the people who do not know anything about it, as the game contains play with different types of clubs, so many rules etc. Golf is a game that is participated at every level, from recreational game to popular professional tournaments. Despite the attractions, golf certainly requires high degree of skill that can be achieved by patience and dedication. But before the skills comes the learning and knowledge.
That’s where this course comes in. This course is the ultimate guide to provide knowledge to the ones who want to take up the sport or are at the beginner level. This course can also be done by intermediate and senior golfers to test their knowledge about the basics and the rules as the course contains various quizzes and video lectures by the industry experts.
In short, it is a basic level course which will help all the beginners of Golf to understand about the basic aspects of the game of golf.

Course Fees - Rs. 5000/-

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Link for the course on the CFL Platform. Click for more detailshttps://www.champforlife.in/course/course-v1:CFL+BG101+2030_T1


Champ for Life Level 1

The Champ for life Program is a unique course by the Champ for Life academy, for athletes and juniors. This course gives them an in-depth understanding of major topics that will help them to get an edge and prepare them for life.
This course provides the knowledge of the segments that are usually ignored in the general education system. The course contains several segments of sports science and also segments like social and life skills, handling one’s brand and finances, managing the public image and time and setting and achieving goals etc.
This course will come in 2 levels. The level 1 can be done by the students of Class 8 to 12 whereas the Level 2 is much advanced and can be done by college students. The Champ for life program Level 1 is going to be launched soon.