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Tabata Training, your magic wand for fat-loss


Tabata is a high-intensity workout that has been proven to improve performance in many athletic disciplines. Tabata is especially attractive to triathletes because of the amount of time that normally needs to be devoted to triathlon training.


Tabata training will not only help to reduce the amount of time you need to spend training it can also help to produce breakthroughs in your performance. Tabata improves both your anaerobic and aerobic fitness in the same workout. This allows you to improve both speed and endurance which is perfect for triathlon training.

Tabata can be used to train for both weight lifting and cardio workouts. With a weight lifting workout, you might spend 20 seconds doing squats followed by 10 seconds of rest for a strength training Tabata workout. Or if you are working on your cardiovascular fitness you may want to do 20 seconds of sprints followed by 10 seconds of rest.

How is Tabata different from any other training?

It is a short-time workout plan, which lasts for a maximum of 8 minutes but promises drastic results. This regime requires you to go through powerful workouts and then rest for a certain number of seconds.

For instance, if you have chosen squats as your workout, then according to the Tabata training, you will have to perform this exercise for 20 seconds without a break. Now, at the 21st second, you will stop the activity and remain standing for 10 seconds. Then, squat again for the next 20 seconds. You should complete 8 sets of this exercise.


Tabata offers some of the most amazing results in the body. If you are overweight and wondering “why Tabata training works” Tabata training is an effective workout, which naturally encourages the body to shed excess weight.

Weight loss through enhanced metabolism

Tabata is an intensive workout, in which the body goes through a substantial amount of stress. Consequently, the body increases its Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to cope with unexpected stress. Raised BMR triggers fat loss even when the person is not working out. Hence, with Tabata, you will not only experience weight loss during the workout but also when you are resting.

Less time-consuming

The high intensity of the workout is so useful that you will not be required to spend long hours exercising every day. Tabata needs only 4 to 8 minutes a day for showing results. Since most people nowadays have hectic lifestyles, this form of exercise regime proves feasible.

Optimum resulTS

The short span of 4 to 8 minutes workout every day results in complete dedication from the fitness enthusiasts. In fact, when you know that you will only have to devote less than 10 minutes per day and soon you will achieve your ideal weight, you will definitely continue the Tabata regime.

People, who do Tabata every day, have claimed that they feel more encouraged to perform it than any other workout; increased excitement during workout results in better output.

Do it anywhere

Other weight loss training needs you to leave home and visit the gym. However, in order to perform Tabata, you do not need any equipment. Choose your living area or garden at your convenience. All you require is a timer so that you do not strain your heart and lungs.

Positive mind


Tabata enhances mental focus largely. Unlike other weight loss regimes where the individual has to follow long-hour schedules, Tabata encourages you to focus on every minute. Because of its short span, you will never even have the thought of becoming negative about the goal of losing fat.


It is important that you do not combine your Tabata training sessions with longer workouts. If you are able to perform anything more than a cool down following a Tabata session then you haven’t pushed yourself hard enough. If you add in a longer training session before the Tabata workout you won’t have the energy to go at full intensity.

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