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Top 5 Most Weird Sports


The world of sports is as diverse as any range of our lives. Sports give us a thrill, sports give us a sense of adventure and accomplishment so much so that we connect with each and individual player playing the game. However, do you know there are many sports being played in the world which are quite different from normal? Here we would take a look at 5 of the world’s weirdest sports being played.

Segway Polo

Segway Polo is like normal Polo but it is being played with the help of Segway. The game is however quite unique in nature and is regulated and controlled by International Segway Polo Association (ISPA). This game is quite popular in countries like the US, UK, Lebanon and Barbados.

The rules and regulations of this sports have been adopted from its siblings like horse polo or bi-cycle polo.







This is an unprofessional HAM-radio centered sport with the objective being to connect with as many radio stations as the competitor can in a precise time. The contests bring in a large number of competitors and the competitors have to submit the list of all radio stations being contacted within a stipulated time frame. This game is often played in simple paper form or with the help of a computer to keep the log updated.

Drone racing

A drone has been a popular gadget used in multiple fields of use from photography to defence. but have you ever thought that drone can be an important element of sports? Well, here you go as there are popular sports being played all over the world. In this sports, a player who wins gets a drone as a winning trophy. This sport is regulated and controlled by specialized bodies involved in DRL or commonly known as Drone Racing League.

Mobile throwing

Well, have you ever got as angry as you had wanted to throw your mobile phone away? Then don’t waste your talent, as you can be hailed as a top sportsperson in a Mobile throwing competition. This sport has been founded in Finland in the year 2000 and now is being played all over the world mainly in the countries like the Czech Republic, the US and Liechtenstein.

IN this particular sport, players need to throw their mobile phones as far as they can. Then they are being judged on the basis of the distance thrown and the technique used. This sport has four main categories namely – Traditional, Freestyle, Junior and Team original.

Robot Battle

Robot battle or Robot fighting is such a sport that feels quite futuristic, however, despite being such a technology-based sport, it is there for quite a long time and mainly played in the US. However, with growing popularity, this sport is spreading all over the world and also being liked by the public. The game is quite simple, as two or more robots will combat each other with one being the ultimate winner at the end. These robots can be from a single owner or represent a team. There are numerous leagues and competitions being held all over the world of which Robots Live competition is quite popular being controlled and run by the Fighting Robot Association (FRA).

With the advent of technology, it is imperative for sport and games to evolve in accordance with the future. However, be it a game of simple football or a Mobile throwing competition, the ultimate aim of sports remains the same.

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