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COVID-19 has taken a toll on everyone’s life. People are forced to stay at home, and the outside world has become an unknown entity for many. It is an undeniable fact that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the lives of athletes. It is in their routine to go out, workout consistently, and practice. Maintaining the right amount of physical activity is imperative for them. Why? They either work on their body or need to maintain a healthy muscle tone for their sport.

Athletes do not possess a body like us. Their body needs to be robust, agile, and appropriate according to the sport they pursue. And since COVID-19 has made it impossible for people to go outside, athletes are not getting the amount of physical activity they desire. It may result in loss or gain of weight or loss of muscle tone. And it can harm an athlete in many ways.

Here are a few things athletes can do to keep themselves match ready during the pandemic:

·    Surveillance

A significant part of an athlete’s life is dedicated to training their body for the sport of their choice. From weight training to good food, everything is involved. Physical activity is a major part of it. But since it is not possible in this pandemic, you can use this time for some surveillance.

Being physically prepared for a sport, matters, but it is also crucial that you are mentally prepared, and this does not happen easily. Since the entire world is on lockdown, why not use this time to learn about your sport, go to the grassroots level and uncover some new things. There is some probability that the result might not be too impressive, but it is better than nothing.

Home Gym

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If you have a home gym, you can continue working out. It is possible that your home gym is not as equipped as your regular gym, but it is something. And it is best if you make the most of it. At times you might have to improvise to get the results you want. The point is not to give up physical activity as a whole.

Once you give up physical activity, it is going to be tough to regain the same amount of physical strength and muscle tone. Understandably, you cannot go out, but you can do a lot of things indoors. Make the best use of it.


A significant part of your physical strength is dependent on what you eat. Since you are at home, it is obvious that your family members will try and spoil you with good food. Your goal should be not to get tempted. It is apparent that you want to eat a homecooked meal, but remember what it can do to your body. The problem is not that you can’t eat; it is that you cannot burn out those extra calories.

Extra calories can cause a lot of imbalance in your body. Can you afford that? Try and things that do not have that many calories. Eat green. Maintain a constant protein intake and make sure that you do not consume empty calories.

· Study yourself and your competition

No matter if you are the best at your sport, or have never lost a match, you must watch your old videos from time to time. And since you don’t have anything important to deal with right now, why not use this time to watch and re-watch your previous games. You would be surprised at what new things you discover. You might uncover a better way to tackle your opponent and to minimize mistakes on your part.

You might come across some major weaknesses and flaws in your partner. It will help you prepare for your match. If you want to win, it is best if you start paying attention to your opponent’s moves.

·  Make a New schedule

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Athletes are used to a schedule. And without a reliable schedule, your life might start falling apart. The only thing you can do here is to create a new routine, keeping in mind the new parameters. Make enough time for physical training, however possible. Other things you must include are technical training, proper sleep, and enough study time.

These are a few things you, as an athlete, can do during
COVID-19 pandemic. It is not a total waste of time to sit at home. It is a
waste of time only when you do nothing. Most people fail to understand that
there are a lot of things that can be done during this lockdown. But you are
smarter than that, aren’t you?



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