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5 Tips to play Tennis like a Pro


The game of Tennis is not that easy as it looks, because Tennis as a game requires a lot of physical movements, flexibility, reflex action along with a definite set of skills. For beginners or an experienced player, mastering the art of Tennis is a gradual process which cannot be learned in a day. It requires a lot of hard work, practice and determination to reach the top level.

However, with proper technique, that learning process can be augmented further and one can be a pro at playing tennis with these five mentioned tips.

  • Focus is important

Always watch the flight of the ball, height, spin, and speed……..are you getting good net clearance? Are you getting your shots deep? Are your volleys at extreme angles? Do your drop shots have backspin? Always evaluate these things as you play, it’s not just good enough to get the ball back, but know what you are doing with it.

  • Sync your elbow with foot movement

With one-handed backhands, it’s important to keep the elbow in..visualize drawing a sword as in “on guard” from your hip pocket elbow is straight and contact should be out in front. For a little advanced player, just before a forehand stroke, take a whole look at the right foot and the ball at the same time for an exact and powerful hit and not to make my head up. And watch the revolving movement of the foot. It makes me absorbed in the hitting.

  • Serve is important

The service is an essential shot of the game. It is the only shot of the game that you have full control over the opponent. If your first serve is very fast, but it never goes in, the best thing to do is take a little speed of it and get it in. The more accurate you are with your first serve, the more matches you will win at a beginner’s level.

To hit a big serve don’t muscle the ball. Whip up at it with a loose shoulder. Use your hands and wrist to generate that extra pop and placement. After a serve, you should be able to recall what your racquet face looked like at contact. That will also increase your timing.

  • Hold your racquet up

On the volley, keep the head of your racquet up, even on the lowest shots. Then move your shoulder into the ball, pushing forward as if you’re opening a stuck door.

Do not twist. Keep your shoulders perpendicular to the net as long as possible. Punch, do not swing at the ball. Concentrate on angling the ball, rather than hitting it as hard as you can.

  • Mind your footwork

Want more power on your groundstrokes? Wonder how the good players hit the ball so hard with so little effort? The secret is hitting the ball on the rise! Rather than hit the ball at the top of the bounce or on the way down, cut it off as it’s rising. The keys are good footwork and racket preparation. Take small steps like basketball players to adjust as the ball nears, and get that racket back as soon as you know if it’s a forehand or backhand.

Now, how does it work? According to the laws of physics, a ball is moving at its fastest when it nears the ground, and at its slowest at the peak of the bounce. This simply means that if you hit the ball when it’s moving faster, you will generate more pace with less effort. Ever bent down to hit a half volley and have it shoot off your racket and out of the court? Now you know why! As always, practice makes perfect!

Final words

A good stance is very important in Tennis and this is the basis of all techniques. Make sure your left foot points at the right net post and that your right foot is parallel with the baseline. This stance will help with the continental grip that might feel funny when first used. The stance will compensate for the racquet face looking too much to the left or the service box.

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